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Your Gate Motor Battery

Your gate motor battery has two main functions: • It provides power during a power failure. • It works the motor, even with mains power on.

With the exception of a very few models, most motors uses the battery to drive the motor. It is therefore a misrepresentation to say they are battery back-up motors; the battery is always working, not only during a power failure. So, if you disconnect the battery, the motor will not work.

But what does this all mean for you?

Battery operated motors is less expensive to manufacture making its installation economically viable for most vehicle gates. This also means that it is also becoming more economical to rather install a new motor than to have an expensive repair done.

This in itself may prove to save you a lot of hassle... no need to spend your energy on organising repairs and stuff.

But there is a drawback with gate motor battery operated motors... and that is the batteries themselves. Conventional lead acid or gel batteries required you to have them replaced every two to five years. These batteries are also environmentally unfriendly in that they emit hazardous gasses. Recycling them is also a great headache.
Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gate Motor Battery
If you are like most of automatic gate users, you are most probably not noticing that your gate motor is moving a little slower over time. It is likely something only a trained eye will pick up.

Only when your gate stops halfway through a cycle do you probably realise there could be a problem with the battery. This may even happen within a year after you’ve had the battery replaced.

So what went wrong? Did you buy a dud? Most likely not. Conventional batteries are subject to quick deterioration for a number of reasons.
The Superior Solution
It is perhaps a good idea to have a conventional battery replaced every two years to avoid the irritation of a stuck gate or putting you and the family at risk.

But there is a proven revolutionary alternative. Lead Crystal Batteries are in all respects superior to conventional Lead Acid batteries.

It has been used extensively on solar systems with great results. It’s characteristics makes it an unbeatable option for gate motors.

Prolonged and frequent power failures have seen the demise of many (sometimes new) gate motor batteries.
The Advantages of Deep Cycle Lead Crystal Batteries for Gate Motors.
Deep cycle Lead Crystal Batteries will not suffer damage by frequent power outages... it will recover 3 to 5 times faster than conventional batteries. The life expectancy of these batteries is 18 to 20 years... that compares favorably with the current 2 to 5 years for conventional batteries. With having to not replace your motor’s battery every other year, you will do your part by not adding more to the landfill.

Deep cycle batteries will not suffer damage even if it was discharged to zero volts.

It will withstand heat of up to 65 degrees Celsius. (The inside of a tiled roof can reach 60 degrees and a tin roof well above the 80’s). A conventional battery is losing efficiency above 45 degrees.
Act Now
If you are here because you think you need a new gate motor battery, make the right choice now. Lead crystal batteries are far more superior to ordinary conventional lead acid batteries.

The only thing you now need to check on your gate from time to time is the wheels, guides and general structure.

Don't hesitate... call me if you need some more information.

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