ET Gate Motors

ET Gate Motors are a product of Pretoria, Gauteng. An excellent choice when one plans to automate a vehicle gate.

Motor Models

The three popular ET Gate Motor Models are:

  • ET Umpetha Sliding Gate Motor
  • ET 500 DC Slider
  • ET1000 AC Slider

ET Umpetha Sliding Gate Motor

ET Umpetha Sliding Gate Motor

The ET Umpetha Gate Motor is capable to operate vehicle gates up to 300 kg. It is designed for Domestic use. It is a 24 volt battery back-up motor.It is suitable for four open and close cycles per hour

If an obstruction is encountered while the gate is opening, it will stop and wait for the trigger input.

If an obstruction is encountered while the gate is closing, it will stop and reverse to the fully open position.

ET 500 DC Slider

The two DC Slider gate motor models are both capable to operate vehicle gates up to 500 kg. The one model is designed for Domestic use and the other for Complexes.

It is a true battery back-up motor. The controller pc board comes with a built-in receiver for the remotes. It has a six user memory.

The holiday lockout feature (activated by pressing a certain sequence on the remote) makes the motor non-responsive to any trigger. If someone would for example break into the house, they cannot open the gate from the intercom.

ET1000 AC Slider

The ET1000 gate motor models can be used for vehicle gates up to 1000kg. It is a 220volt motor and has no battery back-up.

Gate Safety Beams

Gate safety beams perform an essentialfunction in a busy environment; it limits gate-and-vehicle collisions.

An absolute must-have when there are kids around, but realize that they can be used against you by criminally minded individuals.

What to do Next

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