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Deep Cycle Batteries

A Superior Replacement for Lead Acid
Deep cycle batteries and lead crystal batteries are synonyms. These batteries are a superior replacement for the conventional lead acid variety.

Lead Crystal batteries have an extended battery life of 18 to 20 years. It can discharge fully without being damaged and will re-charge 3 to 5 times faster than conventional batteries.

This is a great feature if you live in an area that regularly has extended power failures.

Insist on deep cycle batteries (lead crystal) as a replacement for the conventional gate motor and security system batteries. You will be giving these systems the best chance when having to keep the equipment running during power failures.

It cost less to maintain... no more battery replacements every other year.
Superior in Performance
Lead crystal batteries has been used by the solar industry for quite some time now; it outperforms conventional lead acid batteries used for security equipment and gate motors.

This is to illustrate the superior performance of deep cycle batteries:

Lead Crystal Batteries are used in conjunction with solar panels. This subjects them to huge voltage fluctuations.

The sun shines only for a limited number of hours on these panels. They discharge power gradually after sunset, leaving them drained. They have to be recharged as quickly as possible.

Using Lead Crystal Batteries on your gate motor and home security equipment will give you all the superior benefits available from lead crystal batteries.
Peace of Mind for Many Years to Come
Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Lead crystal batteries have a guarantee of three years and a life expectancy of 18 to 20 years (compared to the 2 to 5 years of conventional lead acid batteries).

Give yourself total peace of mind.  and insist on a Lead Crystal battery next time you need to replace your gate motor or home security equipment with lead crystal batteries.
A Greener Option
Lead crystal batteries emit no mist or harmful emissions.
Deep Cycle Batteries for Gate Motors


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