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Batteries for Home Security Systems

Batteries for Home Security Systems and Gate Motors
We use batteries to supply power to:

  • gate motors and
  • as backup power to our home security systems.

They have to keep these equipment operational during power failures.

There are many types available; the most common being lead acid batteries.

Most people don't know the importance of regularly replacing their batteries to ensure optimum performance of their security equipment. They only realize there is something wrong when the gate motor stops working, or the alarm goes dead during a power failure.

Consider this:

Most gate motors are battery operated (as opposed to battery back-up) This means that the gate motor won't operate with a weak battery, even if the power is on.

  • A weak or damaged battery will not support a security system during an extended power failure.
  • As can be seen, the optimum performance of any security component is totally dependent on the health of the battery.

If it is too weak to maintain the security systems during a power outage, your security will be compromised.
Why are Batteries Damaged?
Most regions of Southern Africa experiences prolonged power failures as a result of thunder storms. We are also subjected to load shedding from time to time.

Lead acid batteries do not recover properly when the voltage drops below about 10 volt. It follows that frequent power outages that lasts long enough for a voltage drop will lead to battery malfunction.
What are the alternatives?
Lead acid batteries are less expensive than alternatives - which is why they are almost always supplied with new equipment.

Although they perform well under "normal" conditions, constant and deep discharging causes damage and eventual malfunction.

We recommend the use of gel-type or lead crystal batteries as alternative souses.
Replacing a lead acid battery with one of the alternative options will give you peace of mind knowing that your security systems will perform at it's optimum in the event of a power failure.

Do not take chances with battery types that will not stand up to the challenge.

Consider the correct alternative when having to replace gate motor- or security system batteries (alarm system, electric fence).
Batteries - Deep Cycle Lead Crystal

Gate Motor Battery

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